James (Robert Halliwell) Roha
Treading grounds of a brightening— once dark forest, James Roha works as gardener of fictions and simulations. His speculative research, once operating as physio-digital taxonomy, is a practice of philosophical terrariums. Each chamber—world seeks the unanticipated implications of contemporary technologies and evolutionary trends. He sows subversion through laced concept artwork and socio-political narratives, inviting the audience to question long trends of current decisions. Trained as an architect and storyteller, Roha deploys practices of digital environment art and worldbuilding as a means of translating complex territories into the pluralizing realms of populism.

He is happy to respond to inquiries via his email:

SCI-Arc Master of Science,  (MS) - 2020
The University of Tennessee Knoxville Bachelor of Architecture, (BA) - 2019

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